There is plenty of fun and entertainment at the Allen County Fair

During the weeklong-fair, there are many events and shows that will be fun for the whole family. These include grandstand events, some of which are free, the plaza stage, and the gospel singing tent, which will feature concerts every night at 7 p.m.

The Sandlofer family will present Wolves of the World at the Allen County Fair, which features wolves doing amazing tricks.

Wolves of the World Show

One of the most unique shows on the road today, the show presents the mystical, enigmatic wolf – a whole pack, in fact, performing right before your eyes.

The Sandlofer family will explain the history of wolves, recounting the story of how these rescued wolves are raised in captivity and display the traits of the wolf packs including the alpha male and female and how they interact. The show even features a hero wolf who saved a young girl from drowning, showing the wolves to be intelligent, empathetic animals.

These fiercely independent animals to have been trained to perform before audiences, a feat never accomplished in a touring show before. This is a show unlike any other traveling today

At the conclusion of the 25-minute show, audience members are invited into the wolves’ habitat where they actually have the chance to watch the wolves being fed.

Two trapeze artist fly through the air. The Allen County Fair will feature the High Flying Pages Aerial and Animal Thrill Show in 2017.

The High Flying Pages

The 2017 Allen County Fair will be welcoming double wide flying trapeze artists this year. Watch as they fly through the air, accomplishing acrobatic feats and showcasing daring skills. Will include a double catcher flying trapeze, a two single trapeze act, and the High Flying Pages Aerial and Animal Thrill Show.

The flying trapeze act is indeed a circus favorite. It is one of the few acts that was invented right here in the United States. For those unfamiliar, a flying trapeze act is basically a 3 point aerial acrobatic routine. The end pedestal board is the starting point, the flyer swings off on a trapeze, releases in mid air, performing an aerial maneuver such as a somersault or twisting layout, is caught by the catcher, who is swinging on yet another trapeze. Upon completion, the flyer returns back to the fly bar, and lands back on the pedestal board. Perfect timing is of the utmost importance to make this sequence of events work. Traditionally, the music that is used for a ying trapeze act is a waltz, but rock & roll music works very well also.

So come on out to the Allen County Fair and see the Flying Pages performing on the Midway near the Exhibit Buildings from August 18th through August 26th with three shows daily.

Logo of the Jungle Island Zoo

Jungle Island Zoo

Jungle Island Zoo, is an “extremely entertaining and excitingly educational exotic animal encounter!” They feature numerous rare and unusual animals from around the world. Visitors can observe, pet, and feed their “critters” at their leisure and unlike scheduled shows, “everyone gets a front row seat”! Young and old alike are fascinated with the “hands on” exposure to animals most have only seen on television or in distant zoo enclosures. The zoo is family operated; their staff is clean, friendly, and knowledgeable. Attendants are always available to provide interesting and fun facts or to answer questions one-on-one.

Jungle Island Zoo’s mobile bird encounter is a delightful experience for the entire family. Imagine the fun and excitement of hand-feeding hundreds of brightly colored parakeets as they utter about. Hear the children’s squeals and laughter of adults amid the chirping songs and swishing of countless wings. Hold tightly to your feed “stix” as dozens of these feathered jewels scramble for the best perch. Truly a close encounter of the “bird” kind!

Photos with the babies are offered (at an additional cost) for those wanting a memento of their visit. Special feed is available (for a small fee) at the entrance. Hand sanitizing stations are provided as well. Colorful and attractive pens, informative signs, spacious walkways and clean surroundings lend to the petting zoo’s overall magnetism.

Jungle Island Zoo will be located in Roschman Park from August 18th through August 26th and is open daily. Admission is free to the zoo.

Be sure to visit our new mobile bird encounter located next to the petting zoo!

Bear Hollow Wood Carvers are from French Lick, IN, and will be featured at the 2017 Allen County Fair

Bear Hollow Wood Carvers

Bear Hollow Wood Carvers bring the excitement of the full-throttle art form to events across the Nation. Their shows are performed by the top carvers in the country and the audience gets a front row seat as the carvers transform a log into an amazing sculpture. As a log is selected, the chain saw starts and everyone will watch in amazement while the artist creates a beautiful work of art.

Bear Hollow Wood Carvers are from French Lick, IN and their carvers have performed for Nascar, Professional Bull Riders Association, Ducks Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation, Extreme Home Makeover, Daytona Bike Week, Harley Davidson, and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Bear Hollow’s head carver is award winning chainsaw carver, Jason Emmons and he will be returning to the Allen County Fair Roschman Park from August 21st through August 26th. The carvings will be auctioned off on Saturday, August 26th at 2:30 p.m. on the AAA Grandstand Plaza Stage.

Mobile Glass Studios creates a work of art out of glass. The glass blower will be a sight to see at the 2017 Allen County fair

Glass Blowing

Come check out Mobile Glass Studios as they create objects out of hot molten glass. These skilled glassblowers turn a 2000 degree liquid into numerous objects, from vases and cups to fish and wildlife. These demonstrations will educate and amaze individuals. Mobile Glass Studios has been manufacturing glass on location for the past 7 years. Glassblower Ryan Gothrup built his first mobile studio just after he graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University. From demonstrations to workshops, Mobile Glass Studios primary goal is to educate and expose the public to the lost art of glassblowing. Ryan Gothrup will be in Roschman Park on Sunday, August 20th from 3 p.m. until 9 p.m. Glass Blowing pieces will be auctioned off on Saturday, August 26th at 2:30 p.m. on the AAA Grandstand Plaza Stage.

The Chris Yantek Experience astonishes audiences with his magic show.

The Magician – Chris Yantek

The Allen County Fair is proud to present The Chris Yantek Experience. Chris is a fantastic Magician that has been with The Cincinnati Circus for 15 years. He has performed more than 1000 shows in 10 countries and worked as a headlining entertainer on Carnival Cruise Lines. In addition to his Magical abilities, he has learned many other circus skills with his time at The Cincinnati Circus. He is an amazing stilt walker, great juggler and you might even see him tying balloon animals for kids and adults! Chris will be performing on the AAA Grandstand Plaza Stage Friday, August 18th through Saturday, August 26th during the fair.

Red Dragon Laser Tag from Hamersville, Ohio, will provide fun for all ages at the 2017 Allen County Fair

FREE Laser Tag

On Friday, August 25th from Noon until 10 p.m., Red Dragon Laser Tag from Hamersville, Ohio will be offering free Laser tag in the grandstand. Open to all ages young or old. Come out and enjoy this new free grandstand event at the fair.

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